Eder Darling

Eder Rojie Darling (Roj) was born in St. Ann Jamaica on October 11 on the 120 anniversary of the 1865 Morant Bay War. He spent his early childhood years at his ancestral home in Linstead St. Catherine. He then moved to Kingston briefly where he attended Hydel Prep and Hatfield Primary between1993-1997. In 1996 his family relocated to Mandeville where they lived for the next 25 years. During these years Mr. Darling or Roj attended Manchester High, Belair High and Knox Community College. He left Belair with 10 subjects and went on to pursue his A Levels at Knox Community College. After annihilating his A Levels Darling decided to accept the place he was offered at the UWI. He saw himself as a Caribbean nationalist and patriot and strongly believed that UWI was where he should be. With Law school in mind he went on to pursue a first degree in History but his career choice changed when he fell in love with education. Mr. Darling’ ultimate goal is to become a Professor and Statesman. Darling believes that through education he could revolutionize the minds of the youth and help to prepare a future generation with honest and responsible men and virtuous women. He wants to see Jamaica as a first world country, but in order for any country to achieve first will status its people will firstly have to be educated. Since his inception at Deokoro Magnet School which is the only gifted school in the Caribbean Eder over the years had achieved tremendous Csec and Cape passes in subjects such as Csec history, Cape History, Social Studies, Tourism Unit 1 and Unit 2. Mr. Darling also completed his Masters in History in 2016 and in 2020 he completed his Postgrad Diploma in Education specializing in Geography and Social Studies. When he is not doing academic work or reading anything that has to do with history or politics he enjoys listening to music, going to the movies, watching his favourite films, playing basketball or travelling. Eder Rojie Darling hopes to leave a legacy in education that will stand the test of time.
Subjects: CSEC Geography
December 2021
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